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Shandong Fengshun Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Company is a professional engineering company engaged in the design and installation of industrial refrigeration, refrigeration storage and central air-conditioning. It is member unit of China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Association, China Refrigeration Association and Shandong Refrigeration Association. Located in Jinan City, our company has 120 staffs, and 60 of them are profession technical person. Since the establishment, we have achieved successful perfroamnce in chemical refrigeration, refrigeration storage and central air-conditioning fields. In industrial refrigeration aspect, we have designed hundreds of sets industrial cooling system, namely, Shandong Associated Pesticide Company, Weifang Zhongnong Associated Chemical Co., Ltd, Jinan Refinery Plant, Hongfeng Chemical and Xinnuo Chemical. And the non-standard product, designed for low-temperature cooling purpose, is highly praised by wide users. In the VIP system improvement project of Shandong Electrical Machinery Plant, 2 sets of low-temperature ethylene glycol units designed by us, meet production equipment. And the performance and index has met even overpass import products. But its price is only 1/3 of import products. In refrigeration storage fields, we have installed over 30 sets of ten thousands tons refrigeration storage, over 200 sets of thousands tons refrigeration storage and 300 sets of 500-1000 tons refrigeration storage. Shandong Yinzuo Shengyang refrigeration storage, built by our company, is the largest single refrigeration storage. What’s more, we have undertaken many central air-conditioning projects, including 30 sets of 20000㎡, hundreds of sets 5000-10000㎡. As a professional enterprise, we have built complete network in technology, capital, labor, equipments and materials aspects, in order to assure wide customers of superior quality projects. Since the establishment, we make efforts to improve engineering equipments. At present, we have hundreds of sets of various devices, including power-driven lifting platform, electric cutting machine, milling machine, rocker drill, air compressor, power-driven bevelling machine, full-automatic air hose processing machine, vacuum pump, halide leak detector and remote thermodetector. In order to guarantee project quality, we have introduced advanced infrared thermometer, air leakage testing machine, rotational speed meter, supersonic wave testing machine and etc.

We always carry out design and manufacturing according to GBT/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 international quality system. In recent years, we have built solid cooperation with domestic and abroad famous cooling and air-conditioning plants, such as, Shangha Futian, Dajin, Yantai Binglu, Dalian Bingsha, Wuhan New World.

Insisting on the operation principle of “innovation, integrity, sincere service and brand image”, we will serve wide customers with better and better service.

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